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Productions can often benefit from an objective, experienced voice from 'the outside' in the development and/or pre-production stages of a creative project. 

It is here that logistical, creative and budgetary bugs are worked out to ensure a successful outcome.  It's also here that time and money can be wasted because the process is not always a smooth one.  Brad can help with this.

He has worked with both production companies and networks to drill down and dial into how to make TV series work at these early stages.

These creative consultancy services can be as little as reviewing existing materials and giving direction, to actually helping to build the project from the ground up with your team.

Brad can be an impartial, honest voice between commissioners and production companies that cuts through the emotion and ego that sometimes gets in the way of making great TV.


Even talented, experienced producers can occasionally get lost in the weeds on ambitious projects that are already deep into production.

It could be due to budget challenges, poor communication between their team and networks, unreasonable expectations, poor hires, or simply losing sight of the initial vision of the project that got it green lit in the first place. 

Having an experienced, skilled 'fresh set of eyes' to assess these problems,  set a strategy to fix them and then oversee its execution is sometimes necessary.

Brad has fulfilled this role for many factual projects for both production companies and/or the networks who commissioned the shows.  He is experienced in virtually every aspect of production, from format and series conception, casting, writing, shooting, editing, directing and producing. 

And if needed, he can also pull from a large pool of trusted and talented specialists, both technical and creative to put together a team to help.  Brad has been on 'both sides of the desk' and can help put your project back on track with with skill, precision, inspiration and discretion.